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For Deviantart and Blizzard’s Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls fanart contest. Full-sized version here:

I’ve been playing Diablo for the past 17 years – since the original’s launch! – and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it is a vital cornerstone of not only my identity, but that of my community of friends. Together, we’ve logged literally thousands of hours diligently exorcising all manner of Sanctuary’s bad eggs. Diablo has over the years influenced everything from our creative endeavours to our slang, and it has always been a way for us to stay in touch, wherever we may be in our lives.

It’s this sense of community which the Diablo franchise engenders that I wanted to reflect in this piece. With Reaper of Souls barely a week away, how else would you properly prepare for the conflict but by logging onto the forum or checking up on the wikis to plan your attack? Together, we’re stronger.

Then again, maybe they’re just checking their Facetomes. Whatever.

I also included several references and in-jokes waiting to be found by long-time fans of the franchise. Check out the full view at the link up there, and see if you can spot them all!

Good luck to everyone who entered the contest, and I’ll see you in Westmarch!

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I want so badly to get in touch with you. To call, or text. Anything to initiate conversation, let you know that I’m here, that I love you, that I miss you. But I can’t. You have to decide you want me. Once and for all, you have to make the decision that I am good enough for you, and that all the work we put in was worth it. I miss my best friend. I miss my home. I miss the little infinity we had built together. And it’s killing me.


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Ok, so here’s a quick thing.

Back after we wrapped our first tour with With The Punches, the aforementioned New Yorker’s experienced some van/bus trouble. The kind gentle-fellows asked if we wanted to pick up the last few dates of the run in Texas. We had never been to Texas, but the dates were with a rad band out of Austin named Thieves. The dates were lined up already, and it sounded like a good time so we went.

The next few days we gigged with those boys and made friends with some of the most genuine and nice people we’ve met to this day. We’ve made friends with that band and with people in that state that have lasted years, and will last far beyond any of our respective youths. On top of all of this nicery, the past few years they have put out EP after EP, toured their asses off, and put out one of my personal all-time favorite full-lengths, Achiever.

We have now done several tours with those guys. Aside from the Squid Life tour, I’m fairly certain they have played every date we have ever played in Texas, barring maybe a handful of them. Not to mention random meet ups in our region and random stop and visits on the way home from a run. And it’s all for selfish reasons. We like them. In every way that could mean. As people, as musicians, as friends, as family. I seriously feel related to them at this point, and literally miss them the way you would miss a a peace of yourself that’s flung halfway across the country.

Anywho, the point of me rambling on about all of this is these guys just put out a new single and an EP up for pre-order. And I can’t stop jamming it. Like literally. The past hour I’ve done nothing but rift runs in Diablo 3 and jam this ridiculous jam.

So do yourself a favor! Check the links below for the AP Exclusive stream of “Compass,” and while you’re at it, pre-order the EP. There are some sweet merch bundles up for it. These dudes deserve your support, or at least 2:34 of your time. You will not regret it.

"Compass" single stream link:

Pre-Order Link:


(As an aside to the OG squids. Hey, boys, this is amazing. Billy, Chris, Nathan, Tyler. we love you and miss you like crazy. Its seriously starting to be a bummer. We will need to come visit soon . Kiss the boys for us)

PS: To those wondering what we have been up to. No worries. We will be getting back to you very soon. Cheers from bama! and Roll Eagle or something.

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